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We invite you to immerse yourself in the exciting world of creativity and skill.

It all starts in the heart of Tel Aviv. Here, at Sentyabrev & Co studio, the idea finds its best manifestation!

The artist and designer Michael Sentyabrev first makes a pencil sketch and proceeds to create a piece of jewelry.

Michael Sentyabrev. Designer and Owner in Sentyabrev & Company.

"Creating jewelry is interesting, but not easy ...

  some of them were born in a few monthsand are often altered.

 But when the light appears a new delightful decoration

 it becomes clear that the time was well spent. "


Once it is known what precious stones were chosen, the company's co-owner and the official dealer

of the Israel Diamond Exchange – Andrey  Zhivov, personally choses every diamond in your jewelry.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our manager, you will be able to enjoy the best jewels of the world!

By investing at the same time in the prestigious, eternal and coveted thing.

GIA and investment diamonds in luxury jewelry Sentyabrev and Company. Israel. Diamond Exchange

Meanwhile, the scetch takes form ... and the three-dimensional models print in hard plastic,

and we are finally able to, literally, touch our creations ...

Andrey Zhivov. Gemologist and Owner in Sentyabrev & Company.

 "Israel always has been a leading player in the global diamond industry cut.

We have knowledge, experience and legacy of diamond trade,

        giving us the advantages which enable us to offer you the best price. "



Then, the designer, makes ideal definition lines and the observance of proportions.

Upon completion, the designer sends the product tothe production department.

It is here your choice becomes colored and textured.

Thanks to the knowledgeand skill of the best jewelers of Israel and the world.

Fine Gold for luxury jewelry by Sentyabrev and company. Factory

Great importance is attached to the inlay,

at this stage all the beauty of the product is intended to focus attention on the stone.

Jewelry Company Sentyabrev & Co selects with extreme precision and meticulousness,

both centraland the smallest diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones.

"With the help of advanced technology

 and prototyping through a 3D computer model,

 we get the product in physical form

 with the utmost precision."


3D printing for luxury jewelry by Sentyabrevr and Company. Factory

"All our diamonds are certified in one of the most respected

  international gemological laboratories - GIA Gemological Institute of America.

  Each diamond receives a gemological certificate and the certificate number

  is applied to the rim of a diamond with micro laser printing."


GIA and investment diamonds in luxury jewelry Sentyabrev and Company. Israel. Diamond Exchange
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